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Rhinoplasty is defined as “a surgical procedure that alters the shape or appearance of the nose”. Functional rhinoplasty is performed to improve breathing

Who can get it done and when?

  •  Abnormal shape 
  •  Saddle nose
  •  Humped nose
  • Deviated nose
  • Flat/ prominent nasal bridge
  • Abnormal size
  • Wide alar base
  • Broad dorsum
  • Tip abnormalities
  • Breathing difficulties

Treatment steps/timeline :
  • Our surgeon will  take detailed medical history and evaluate  to determine your treatment options which will be discussed with you. Convey your expectations clearly, so that doctor can explain clearly what can be achieved with rhinoplasty according to your facial and nose features.
  • Basic blood tests, ECG, Chest x-ray for surgery under GA will be suggested by the doctor.
  • Quit smoking as it affects wound healing

  • Stop alcohol consumption.

  • It will be done under general anaesthesia. Few minor corrections can be done under local anaesthesia.
  • Complete nose correction will take around 3 hours
  • Incision will be at the junction of nose and lips and within nostril that it will be hardly visible in case of open rhinoplasty. Few surgeries can be done as closed rhinoplasty where the incision is not visible externally.
  • Appropriate correction of nose structure will be done. Every nose correction is differenct requiring various steps depending on the features.
  • The surgeon might need to remove part of cartilage/ bone or add to it.
  • Additional cartilage required will be taken from septal cartilage (cartilage in the midline of the nose) or ear. For higher requirements rib cartilage or implant might be required.
  • If the septum is devialted or has a spur (extension) from it, it needs to be corrected to improve breathing. Nasal bone might be fractured if required for complete correction of shape. The skin incision is sutured and if required nasal pack and nasal splint will be placed
  • You will be discharged the same day from the hospital

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