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Acne & Scars

  • Your skin has tiny holes called pores, which let your skin breathe. Sometimes it is blocked by oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt. When this happens, you may develop a pimple, sometimes called a zit or blemish.
  • You may have acne if you get pimples very often, several at once. In other words, acne is a skin condition that causes spots.
  • Removing acne or pimple is possible, but removing acne and pimple marks may need more work. When this remains for a more extended period, it leads to scar tissue formation resulting in acne scars.

What Causes Acne?

Those with a family history of acne are more prone to breakouts

High levels of types of hormones called androgens can lead to acne. Acne is common in teenagers and pregnant women because of the fluctuating hormones in their bodies.

City air that’s filled with pollution can wreak havoc on the skin.

Dietary choices, comedogenic cosmetic products, certain medications, and sitting in tight, sweat-soaked clothing can also lead to acne. Consistent contact with dirty hands, sheets, or towels can also lead to pimples.

Stress alone will cause a lot of breakouts in an individual. This cause has been predominant in recent years.

Types of Acne

Non-inflammatory Acne:
  • The body is constantly regenerating and shedding dead cells, but when those dead skin cells get trapped within our skin’s sebum, they combine to create non-inflammatory acne. 
  • This type of acne, also called comedones, is clogged pores. You probably know them as blackheads and whiteheads, maybe even as the building blocks of acne.

Inflammatory acne:

  • Inflammatory acne: If bacteria is present on the skin, it can combine with dead cells and oil, causing an infection, otherwise known as inflammatory acne. 
  • Cutibacterium acnes, or C. acnes for short, is a bacteria that feeds on the sebum within our skin. When C. acne bacteria gets into clogged pores, it reproduces rapidly, causing inflammation.
  • Your body then rushes blood to the region to try to fix it, causing even more redness and inflammation.
  • Papules and pustules are the main types of inflammatory acne. Papules are red and complex, and abscesses usually have a white head surrounded by red, irritated skin.

Acne Removal Treatments:

Acne treatments mainly focus on one or more of these mechanisms.

Limit Sebum (oil) production.

Encourage the shedding of skin cells to unclog pores.

Inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • We can do these by Cleansers, Topical treatment, Topical antibiotics, Oral medications, sometimes Oral contraceptives, and Other medications. These are just not enough to remove acne and its marks or scars. 
  • We need to understand that acne will not vanish only with these; we have to go aggressive to treat them; otherwise, they come back. So, Treating acne with curated treatments at the clinic level is very important so that they are eliminated.

Skin Peels (Chemical Peels):

  • Skin Peels, or Chemical Peels, are another fantastic acne treatment-superficial peels that produce injury limited to the epidermis and are safe and highly effective for mild to moderate acne, even in darker skin types.


  • Common superficial peels include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, lactic acid, and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) 10-35%.


  • Machine-based al combines three key facial steps: exfoliation, extraction, and infusion. That is: buffing away old, dead skin; removing dirt and oil from pores; and applying a potent serum that can now more easily penetrate.⁠
  • The Pore Clarifying Pro-Infusion serum containing salicylic acid and other safe ingredients is pushed deep into pores with the pressurised diamond-tipped handpiece to clear pores and fight breakouts.
  • The addition of a brightening serum can also fade existing acne scars from previous breakouts.

ZO Acne Prevention + Treatment Program

  • It’s the safest and most effective treatment for mild to moderate acne, with a radiant look on the skin.
  • Our skin experts have a complete line of highly effective products formulated to treat clogged pores, blackheads (comedones), papules and pustules (pimples), and cystic acne—a preventative treatment for acne and breakouts.
  •  Benefits
    • Slows sebum production
    • Exfoliates skin cells to help unclog pores
    • Tightens pores

Acne Scar Treatments:

  • Subcision is a surgical treatment that removes acne scars. This surgical method successfully worked at Evoluer Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.


  • This minor surgical procedure is for patients with deep scars and depression on their faces due to persistent acne problems.


  • Subcision relieves the skin of deep scars and rolling depressions that may have occurred due to the scarring, and it reinvigorates the production of collagen in the affected area.


  • Subcision is a safe process and has shown remarkable results for our patients.
  • Derma pens are a part of the needling technique family used to treat acne and acne scars. Derma pens are small handheld instruments that create micro pathways inside the skin to release the cosmetic product that will fight blockages, denatured collagen, etc. 


  • At Evoluer Aesthetics and Plastic surgery, we use this technique to benefit patients with recurring acne. The procedure stimulates the skin to begin a wound healing process and produce new collagen.


  • The method also works well in skin rejuvenation. Repeated sessions with Derma Pen have a more significant and positive impact on the patient’s face and appearance.

Technology Used at Évoluer - (USFDA Approved):

Lumenis ResurFX

  • The Lumenis ResurFX is the latest non-ablative, fractional laser technology to improve skin discoloration and remove acne scars.
  • In this non-ablative method, it doesn’t destroy or ablate the skin cells, while fractional means it only affects a fraction or percentage of the skin.  
  • The benefit of the ResurFX is that it can get great results with minimal recovery time, unlike the CO2 laser or IPL laser, which has several days or more of peeling, crusting, and possible swelling after the procedure. 
  • The optimum benefits of ResurFX are obtained with several treatments depending on the condition and desired results.


  • Morpheus8 is one of the most effective solutions for removing many lingering acne scars, including boxcars, icepicks, and keloid scars. The industry-leading Morpheus8™ by InMode® harnesses the efficacy of the needling technique and the healing powers of radiofrequency (RF) energy.
  • The Morpheus8 device penetrates your subdermal tissue and creates micro-wounds. As the tiny needles puncture your skin, they send waves of RF energy to enhance healing processes.
  • The combined effects of this needling method and RF energy trigger a series of naturally occurring healing processes. These are the same events that happen any time you have a wound. Cells quickly regenerate and begin forming new tissues, including collagen. Over time and a series of treatments, Morpheus8 RF needling technique can reduce scar appearance and even get rid of acne scars.

Post-treatment care instructions :

  • Avoid touching your face after treatment for a few days.
  • Avoid using scrubs, exfoliators, and strong chemical-based products after the procedures 
  • Use of Proper moisturiser and sunscreen is mandatory



  • Acne scars can be removed with various treatments, depending on individual skin type and the severity of the spots.
  • With the grade of the wounds, another treatment method can be involved as a part of scar removal.
  • Sometimes a combination of more than one treatment can give us faster & better results in treating acne scars.
  • Anybody with acne scars can get the treatment done. ACNE SCAR has no age limit for the treatment; there are limitations with underlying conditions (if they have any health conditions where radio frequencies and lasers are not recommended.
  • All the treatment methods are discussed during the consultation).
  • Options will depend on the type and extent of scarring, including:
  • Chemical peels, such as salicylic acid and TCA.
  • Retinoids, oils, silicone gels and strips, and other creams
  • Dermal fillers and threads.
  • Laser treatment, needling technique, light therapy, Fractional radiofrequency, and various other procedures.
  • Surgery, in some cases. 
  • Treatment can often help remove scars, but scars also tend to fade with time.
  • Effective treatment will depend partly on the type and extent of scarring and the person’s skin type.
  • Most of them last a very long time, but few procedures like dermal fillers last for about a year.
  • These dermal fillers fill in the ditches and irregularities of scars, further initiating collagen production, resulting in a lesser appearance of deeper scars.
  • There are a wide variety of acne scar treatment options, and we can choose from them.
  • Doctors will prepare an individual treatment plan for each patient based on the skin type.
  • Acne scars can be removed with various treatments, depending on individual skin type and the severity of the spots.
  • With the grade of the wounds, another treatment method can be involved as a part of scar removal.
  • Sometimes a combination of more than one treatment can give us faster & better results in treating acne scars.
  • All the procedures for acne scars are safe in Evoluer aesthetics.
  • We ensure we deliver our clients the best and safest treatment.
  • Also, we only use materials and equipment which are USFDA-approved and standardised products.
  • Sun protection is a must. We also have to ensure that our skin is properly moisturised and protected.
  • No usage of exfoliators and scrubs for one week
  • No use of steam or sauna
  • Treatment can often help remove scars, but scars also tend to fade with time.
  • Effective treatment will depend partly on the type and extent of scarring and the person’s skin type.
  • Depending on the treatment one undergoes and the individual’s skin type, and how it responds to the treatment.
  • The results may vary depending on the severity of the scars and the treatment performed.
  • Also, home care maintenance must be done religiously.
  • Side effects are implausible unless we use any solid or toxic chemical beyond the limit. Also, post-treatment is to follow to get better results as expected.
  • Yes, your skin is as good as new skin. Other new treatments are approved(with doctors’ consultation).